Out of passion for horses

40 years of friendship, 25 years of successful cooperation in equestrian sport. And now the first joint auction. Hilmar and Axel unite young horse producing, training and development in order to bring the horses into top sport afterwards. With the first Classico auction, which will be held hybrid, both the horse trade and the junior work should be strengthened. New investors should learn to love equestrian sport and the young riders can be supported by part of the profit. We looking forward to our first exciting and successful Classico auction with you!

However – "all good things come in threes"

Therefore, we brought Tjark Nagel, another horseman on board

He was a participant in the 1992 Olympic Games, World Cup Finals, and other international and national tournaments. These days he promotes both, riders, and horses to the top sport. Tjark is a highly decorated international trainer who leads his students to national and international titles. As auction manager of the first Classico Auction 2022, he brings experience from foal auctions, stallion shows and other sales events. He has also hosted courses and lectures. This time, Braunschweig is on his schedule for 2022. "Because riders are mostly on the road at shows and busy with training horses, they don't have time to look for horses. That’s what they can perfectly combine here," says Tjark Nagel, with respect to the auction in March!

When three equestrian experts come together to create an auction, you can have high expectations. Triple expertise with a common goal: quality

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Axel Mikau

Organizer and CEO of M&M sport horses GbR


Hilmar Meyer

Organizer, client consultant, sales manager

Mobil: +49 (0) 172 423 5607


Tjark Nagel

Auction director, coach, and client consultant

Mobil: +49 (0) 172 620 1726


Tina Kaina-Keppel

Auction office, governance service providers, after sales

Mobil: +49 (0) 174 990 2412


Silke Kröckel

Stable management, organization of try outs

Mobil: +49 (0) 172 740 3496


Dr. med. vet. Rüdiger Beier

Specialist veterinarian for horses, FEI veterinarian, veterinarian of Hanoverian association, veterinary support for auction horses



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